Behind the History of Porsche

Porsche began its story through the eyes of Ferdinand Porsche, a designer and engineer. He was mostly responsible for the Volkswagen Beetle automobile which was designed for the German government. The engine components from the Volkswagen Beatle went into developing Porsche 64 in the late 1930’s. Porsche headquarters ade in Stuttgart, Germany. Porsche is known today as one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, specializing in high performance sports cars.

Design and developments

Company logo is based on the coat of arms of former Wiemar Germany, which at the time Stuttgart was the capital of Germany. The Porsche crest is as recognisable as their most highly admired 911. On the crest there is black stallion and patterns from the Wiemar-era Wurttemberg coat of arms. The crest marks the symbol of prestige and time.

Ferdinand Porsche’s eldest son Ferdinand Anton Porsche worked closely with his father with engineering. He was the man who came up with the idea to combine the Volkswagen engine with his new designs for the body of the car. He wanted the car to have a streamline look which he produced the much loved 356 model. He brought forward new designs and worked towards pushing the car to higher speeds for racing.

Later Porsche’s grandson Ferdinand Alexander Porsche worked along side the family company. He was more interested in the shape, design and over look of Porche. He is best known for the design of Porche 911, a two-door high performance sports car, still to this day the basic design has not been altered. The production of the 911 has remained in continuous production since 1963, with the introduction of many other successful models.

Since 2010 Porsche has unveiled its development on hybrid and electric cars. The future of Porche will look towards new technologies and design.