Helpful winter tips for your Porsche

When people think about driving their Porsche in winter they have to prepare. Generally owners will keep their valued vehicles in a garage away from the winter months. If you live in comfortable temperate climate then you don’t need to think about changing tires or salted roads. But if you want to drive your stunning classic Porsche 911 Turbo in winter contact your closest Porsche service center to get the right advice. Here are a couple of helpful tips to get you prepared.

  • 1. Buy Snow Tires for Your Porsche, your Porsche and car insurance will thank you for it. In winter the roads can be tough, slippery, covered in sleet, snow not to mention wet. So its very important to prepare your wheels. If you’re the lucky ones who live in a climate that is pleasant then all season tires are all you need. But living in cold winter climates require the right tires for winter so that your Porsche can handle the condition and prevent your car from any long term stress.
  • 2. Porsche are rustproof cars but it doesn’t mean to start rubbing salt over the car like a Christmas roast dinner. You can help protect the body and paint by quality protection, use good cleaning products on your Porsche before winter starts, making sure to wash, clean all the dirt, rinse and polish by hand. Another extra tip is to put wax on your wheels as this is sometimes forgotten.
  • 3. Please stay away from high pressure washing to take care of your Porsche as it is best to avoid using car washers or pressure washing, as this can push the salt into the edges and caps of the body and over time this starts the corrosion process. Another option is using a garden hose on low pressure or the old fashion way a bucket of water and sponge.